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5 ABA Instructional / Educational Methodologies

Discrete Trial (DT)
SD – Prompt Response – Sr+

Direct Instruction (DI)
Siegfried Engelmann
Choral Responses
Fast Paced
Highly reinforcing teaching technique
Small groups

Direct instruction is small group, face-to-face lessons.  It includes immediate error correction.  It is highly structured scripted lessons, fast paced and frequent assessments and regrouping based on those assessments.

Precision Teaching (PT)
Celeration Charts
“Student is always right”

The charting of student responding on a celeration chart is a component of Precision Teaching.  Based on charting students’ frequency of responding.

Personalized System of Instruction (PSI)
Self paced
90% mastery criteria
Personalized Instruction
Subject matter is broken down into meaningful units.

Incidental Teaching (I)
McGee, Daly, Jacobs
Natural environment
Throughout the day
Focused on student-initiated interactions and is primarily used to teach communication

One of the hallmarks of Incidental Teaching is setting up the environment to encourage child-initiated conversations and activities by placing highly preferred items out of reach, but in sight.  This requires the child to initiate an interaction by mading (asking for the item).  Mands are under the control of motivational operations.  Positive reinforcement comes in the form of praise coupled with receiving the item being asked for.

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