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7 Dimensions of ABA


Generality is that the behavior carries over into other contexts other than just the training environment.

Behavior change proves durable over time, appears in a wide variety of environments, or spreads to a wide variety of related behaviors.

Effective is clinically significant effects make a meaningful difference.

Its practical application should change the behavior it seeks to change.

Technological is replicable or described in precise terms for replication.

Procedures are completely and precisely identified and described.

Analytic is that a functional relation exists.

Identification of functional relations between behavior and the environmental variables.

Conceptually Systematic is describing in the language of ABA.

Description of procedures are precisely technological and explained in terms of basic principles of behavior.

Applied is socially significant

Focus on behaviors significant to the participant and those who are close to the participant.

Behavioral is observable and measurable.

The behavior is the target of modification in itself.



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